Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hi from Yangshuo

Hi all,

Meredith and I left Duyun on Tuesday, where we were visiting Tim and Debbie Vinzani. We took a bus to the capital of the province then caught a sleeper bus 10 hours to the city of Guilin. We arrived at 6 am and made the 6:30 bus to the vacation/backpacker city/climbing capital of Yangshuo. The landscape is characterized by the omnipresent karsts (rock mountains/hills). We spent wednesday cycling along the Li river and today cycling and swimming in the Yulong river. It had been nothing but pleasant-the weather is warm, the scenery is jaw-dropping and the people are friendly. We will definitely do some rock climbing before we leave because Yangshuo is home to some of the best climbing in Asia (so we have heard). We'll post more pictures when we have a chance but here are a few for now.

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