Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A day in the life...

I wanted to give you guys what a day looked like for Meredith and I for the past few weeks.  So here it is:

6:30am wake up and pack you bag, this typically took about 30 min
7:00 breakfast, although it was typically late
8:00 hit the trail, we usually had between 4 and 7 hours of walking (10-22km) each day so we wanted to start early
10:00 we would stop for water, tea or bon bons (chocolate cookies that you can buy just about everywhere in Nepal)
12 or 1 pm-- roughly, whenever we got hungry again we would stop for lunch.  Frequently we would try to be at our final destination at this point but that didn't always happen.
4:00 we would arrive at the village and look around for a suitable lodge, they are all the same but some with better names than others (we say such names at Yeti Lodge, Honest Lodge, Good View Hotel, See You Lodge)
6:00 dinner, which was usually either chowmein, fried rice, or boiled potatoes, after dinner we would read, write or chat with other trekkers.  Listening to music wasn't much of an option as the lodges often levied at fee to use power outlets
8:00 lights out! although to be honest, we were usually in our down sleeping bags moments after dinner and asleep well before 8 pm.  Considering this, 6:30 wake up every morning isn't all that early.  I could use 10.5 hours of sleep every night. 

So that is a brief overview of how we spent the last 21 days in the mountains

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